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Why to Hire Us

This is a repost that I blogged in 2009… I was recently asked this question again last week and I feel like this post sums everything up and points out some reasons why hiring a planner can save you money.. not cost you money!

Hiring a wedding planner can save you a lot of money and stress! By hiring us we hope that you gain a friend, a shoulder to lean on, an expert and a money saver through out one of the most important days of your life! Here are some reasons why I believe couples should hire us!

Your Sanity!
We will do all of the hard work, so you can sit back and make all of the fun decisions. You still plan your wedding, we just want to be able to do all of the research so you don’t have to stress!

To Save you Money!
Hiring us will usually save you more money than our package costs! We try and save you money in a lot of areas, here are just a few!
-Vendors Discounts- Because of the amount of work we do with our preferred vendors we get special pricing and some thrown in perks that we always give to you (We do not personally take kickbacks, everything is handed down to you.
-Whenever possible we will run all over town to pick up flowers, cakes, supplies, rentals, just to save you money. There is no reason to pay for extra delivery costs if we can pick up and return the items. There is rarely a Saturday when we do not have a full jeep! So anything we can fit into the car, we will!
-Décor- I personally own tons of vases, votives, linens, candles, and décor items. I bought these items just so my brides could use them for free or for a great discount. This usually saves hundreds of dollars on décor.
-We do this every weekend, so we really know where to look for great deals, where most people overspend and how to cut costs.
-Our packages are priced out to be very affordable. We want to work with couples in every price range and we want to be able to customize something to fit your needs and your budget.

We are a team!
We always have more than one consultant at your event. I feel this makes us more efficient and more prepared to conquer the day. And if for some reason someone ever got sick.. you would always have a back up.

Unlimited Time
All of our packages have unlimited time on your wedding day (For no extra costs). Every wedding is different, and I want to make sure you have a planner from the start to the end of your day. So we work with you to make sure that all of your needs will be taken care of. I recently heard from a vendor that some bridal consultants do not go to appointments with their clients….we go to all appointments with you.. from the florist to the caterer, to picking out your wedding dress (and anything else you need!)

This is really something you can not put a price on! I am a certified bridal consultant and have graduated from the ABC program. We are members of the Twin City Bridal Association and have 7 years of planning experience. This is my full time job, I like most planners, did have another job when I first started out. In an effort to focus 100% of my full time love of wedding planning I cut back to focus on my business. As most of my brides can verify, it is not odd to get emails from me at 6am or 2am, Some may say I am a little bit of a workaholic (my husband would say that J) But I love my job and I feel like nothing should wait to get answered!

If you take a look at our gallery it is clear that no two weddings that area like. We have worked in most of the venues in the area and love a great challenge. Designing is truly my favorite part and We want to be able to tie in your personalities, vision and desires into your design and décor!

Vendor Relationships
Like I mentioned above, we get a lot of great vendor discounts, deals and favors. This has devolped over time and with great relationships…we are lucky enough to be on a lot of recommended vendor lists. I am always so honored when we are referred by vendors and past couples, It is the best compliment.

It is goal of mine everyday to provide you will all of the tools that you need to feel at ease and make the planning easier. Between the couples questionnaire, average cost sheets, budget sheets, payment sheets, timelines, photo website, day of timelines, etc. We hope to give you everything that you need to make the whole process very easy for you!

I feel so honored to be in an area with so many wonderful event planners and wedding vendors. I tell most people, find a wedding planner that you want to be around, find a qualified vendor that can be a great friend and the rest of the process will be very worry-free and enjoyable!