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Wedding Food Bars

The number one question I get from my clients is “How do I personalize my wedding and make it unique and different”. My answer to this is always… Be true to who you are and lets incorporate some “personal” touches. There are a few ways that your personality can come into your wedding and the first one is in the food. In the last few years I have seen couples start to become really daring with food. There are no rules about what you have to do at your wedding, what you have to serve, what you can and can’t do. If you don’t want a wedding cake.. Don’t! If you want to incorporate comfort foods.. lets do it!
Exciting Appetizers, Food Stations, Signature Cocktails, Late nights snacks, out of town bags, favors.. these are all spots that you can use food and drink to really personalize your wedding!!

Sometimes I forget that I live and breathe weddings and that just because I have seen the idea used a few different times does not mean that everyone has seen it done!

The options for “Food Bars” are ENDLESS!! Instead of addressing all of the types of food bars you can do I have decided to break this blog post into a few different segments to address “Food Station” ideas in a following blog because that in itself is a full topic!
I have seen “Food bars” mainly as the Late Night Snack/Favor/Dessert at weddings. And that is a good way to really give guests a memorable experience while not blowing your budget.. incorporate this beautiful and fun idea as a combination such as a popcorn bar for a favor and late night snack for your wedding.. some people will package their popcorn up and bring it home and some people will be snacking on it late into the night!!

So here are some of my favorite ideas over the years and some newer ideas! For more ideas and for photo credits of all of the pictures below please visit our Pinterest Page:

I think that the food tables all started with the original Candy Bar Tables…
Dessert Bars
You can numerous options such as assorted dessert tables (Such as these amazing ones by Local Dessert maker Cocoa and Fig) or you can concentrate on one idea such as just Chocolate Tables!
Popcorn Bars
From Rustic to Fancy.. Popcorn can and has been done so many fun ways!

Smores Bars-
French Fry and Burger Bar


Bruchetta Bar:
Bagel Bar
Popsicle Bar
Potato Bar:
Biscuit Bar:
Milk and Cereal Bar:
Olive Oil and Nut Bars:

Yogurt Bar:
Pie Bars:
Ice Cream Bars (and Ice Cream Trucks)
Chili Bars:
Trail Mix Bars
And then there are the ENDLESS Beverage Bar Ideas: