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Wedding Card Box Options!

One of the accessories that are on all of my couple’s lists to buy before their wedding is a card box! This is the “vessel” where guests will put their cards at your wedding! it seems like a simple item to buy, but its one of the items I get the most questions about. Does it need to lock? How big does it need to be? Does it have to be a box? All of these are great questions and I have listed some of my favorite options below with the links to buy them as well!


My advice for a wedding card box would be to have something that you can use after the big day. I love these glass terrarium options because they are not only beautiful, but they work great to house your jewelry after the wedding! You should also think about your “theme”. A wine box is a great way to incorporate your theme into your wedding card box as well!

Wedding Card Boxs

  1. Clear Card Box
  2. Glass Wedding Card Gift Box Holder
  3. Geometric Glass Card Box Terrarium
  4. Far Niente Wine Crate
  5. Acrylic Rectangular Serving Tray
  6. Golden Vintage Glass Lidded Box

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