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Weddings have become a way to not only get your entire family and friends together for a celebration, but truly wow your guests with unique entertainment, locations and vendors. Traditional weddings, while still ever-popular, are being transformed by vendors bringing their new and unique ideas to the forefront of weddings. These vendors make your wedding more memorable in the eyes of your guests who may have traveled hundreds of miles to be with you on your special day and most of these vendors are in fact just small businesses run by one person, which lends comfort in knowing you aren’t hiring a large company. Here are some ideas for unique wedding vendors to look for in your area.

Food Trucks

Why have a traditional sit down or buffet meal of chicken or beef when your guests can have more choice? Food trucks are popular choices for outdoor summer weddings, but they aren’t restricted to those alone. Hiring food trucks gives back to your local community and offers guests the choice of the food they want. You can even hire a dessert truck to finish – or start – your meal with.

Museums and Science Centers

If you and your partner love history or science, you may find that your perfect wedding reception can actually be in a museum or science center. Many of these establishments around the world have realized that couples want a more unique venue; one that will keep guests talking for years to come, and they have opened their doors to weddings. Dine under the sea in an aquarium or next to a replica spacecraft and get some great photos in the process. These kind of venues are usually booked very quickly, so if you are thinking this might be the perfect spot for your wedding, start looking as soon as possible.

Unique Transportation

If you would like to help your guests get from your ceremony to reception and don’t want them to have to worry about driving themselves, providing unique transportation is something memorable for everyone. Imagine arriving to a reception in a hot air balloon, in a cavalcade of classic or luxury cars, or by horse drawn carriage? Transportation vendors have been finding new and different ways to wow both the couple and their guests with a myriad of transportation options that are a far cry from ‘conventional’.

One of a Kind Favors

Hiring an artist or crafter is a great way to get unique wedding favors. Consider finding a vendor who specializes in useful favors instead of a knick knack that will likely find its way into the trash before your first wedding anniversary. Useful favors can be anything from bars of soap to edible items: coffee, teas, jams, and desserts have all become very popular recently. Like the food trucks, you will be supporting someone’s small business and will be receiving items that your guests won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Cake Toppers That Actually Look Like You

3D printing companies are able to scan you and your partner and can create a cake topper that is your exact likeness. Getting this kind of cake topper done is a little more on the expensive side, however you will have it for a long time to come and you can customize it however you want. Work in your hobbies or something you both share a love of: if you love comics, you can dress up as your favorite superheroes. Sports? Pose with a bat and glove. You can even use 3D printers to make customizable favors that your guests will want to hold onto.

About the Author: This article was written by Theresa Gibson, savvy wedding blogger and social media manager at, a leading go-to vendor guide for brides across North America. To connect with Theresa, follow her on Facebook.