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Incorporating Cultural Traditions…

One area of my job I enjoy a lot is the constant education into different cultures and all of their traditional wedding traditions. When I was sitting back and thinking about writing this blog I was amazed by how many different cultures we were touched with this year. We did 3 Nigerian Weddings, a Laos Wedding, 2 Korean Ceremonies, Incorporated Philippine Traditions into the wedding, and coordinated 3 Jewish Weddings.
Not only is it interesting to see how different cultures and religions incorporate items into the ceremony and wedding, it is fun to learn together on why these items are so special. The Vibrant colors that are worn by Nigerian women are so beautiful, the traditional dresses from the Korean ceremonies are so unique and of course the Jewish Hora dance is one of my favorite parts of a wedding. I will never forget the first time I saw it, the energy that is in that room is amazing and electrifying. Enjoy the collection of photos that showcase all of the Cultural Weddings we have done this year along with some of my favorite traditions!