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Katie and Joe

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Hailey and Matt

Bailey and Matt

What a fun day!!! My wonderful assistants and I attended the Twin Cities Bridal Association’s Icon Awards!!
It was so much fun and we won!!! We won for the “Excellence in Design and Decor” and it was such an honor to be rewarded for something that I love it do! We were presented the award with the other 2 vendors that I worked with on this wedding. Apres Party and Tent Rental and Violets Flowers. They all worked so hard to tie this wedding all together and I was so happy to work with them!
Here are some fun photos of us at the events!!!!


Also, a special congratulations to Kelly Brown and Robin from Gateaux for their great wins!!!

When I start to talk about Megan and Ben I just get so excited. What a great pair and a fantastic family!! I started to work with them about 6 months before their big day. They had the location, the photographer and a few other vendors and then I jumped in. The relationship that I had with this couple and family was the reason I do this for a job. I love becoming “part of the family” and a big part of the special day. They made me feel so loved and I wanted nothing more than to make this day go perfect! In a month of bad weather we got really lucky and got some great sunshine!!

The pictures below were taken from the wonderful Erin Johnson. What a rockstar! She was at the reception until the very end trying to get a slideshow together for the morning after brunch, we were having some technical difficulties and she never one complained.. she just kept trying and wouldn’t you know it… we got a slideshow for the next day!!

To Megan, Ben, Lisa and Scott… I am truely honored to have worked with you and thank you for making me a part of your family! I loved every bit of it!!!

Here is a very special part of the many great notes I got from Lisa (The mother of the bride) I just about cried everytime I got a great email!!

You are truly a beloved new member of our family Sarah.  We accept this generous gift with the caveat…. You will help us enjoy it!    Because, yes, we are not done with you.  NEVER.  You have won us over with your excellent job performance  working on an event that was surely the biggest thing in at least 4 lives. ( Megan, Ben, Lisa and Scott).  Scott’s and my wedding 27 years ago was lovely and very emotion filled.  And yet, the marriage of our beloved daughter was even more powerful in many ways.  Let’s just call it, the circle of life.  You will understand this with the marriage of YOUR own child someday….

But your real skill during this amazing process was to win our hearts.  ALL OF OUR HEARTS.  You are loved and revered more than many of our ( born into) family members.  Many times the best family is the one you create.  You fit that role to a T.

All Images below are taken by Erin Johnson Photography:





I am so excited. I got an email today letting me know that I was nominated for an ICON Award from the Twin Cities Bridal Association. I could not be happier!! I had the pleasure of working with Apres on our great event and it turned out great. It is such a pleasure to be rewarded and recognized for a job you love!! I am excited to head to the Gala on November 15th!