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It’s hard to believe that this winter wedding was already just about a year ago… and It was the last wedding that we did before COVID took over!! But enough about that, lets talk all about Marlee and Todd’s beautiful wedding! Minnesota in February can be unpredictable, but luckily for us the weather was cooperating very well and created the perfect backdrop for this Leap Day Winter Wedding! With most of their guests flying in from the East Coast Marlee and Todd wanted to make everything easy for their guests and wanted to have a really fun party.

We started planning this wedding just 7 months before the big day and the top priorities were booking our amazing Photographer, Laura Rae Photography and booking a band that would keep everyone on the dance floor all night.. and that was Elan Artists!! The rest of the plans came together through numerous emails and a few trips back to Minnesota for planning meetings! The decor was modern mixed with a classic and traditional element. Round and Long guest tables created a unique atmosphere and also created a large dance floor for our HORA!! The room looked warm and inviting and all of the guests did dance all night long!


Videography – Sunset Blue Productions

Ceremony and Reception Site – Aria

Caterer – Damico Catering

Wedding Coordinator: Lasting Impressions Weddings

Rental Items  Linen Effects

Floral- Sadie’s Couture Flowers and Events

Hair and Makeup-Primped

Transportation – Renees Royal Valet

Photography- Laura Rae Photography

Reception Music- Elan Artists

Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding
Winter Aria Minneapolis Wedding

There are a countless to wow guests at your wedding, but there is nothing that will transform your event space quite like a Hanging Installations for your Wedding!  From loosely-draped hanging greenery, Floral Installations or statement light fixtures the ways to elevate your installation are endless!! We have incorporated everything from into these statement pieces. Fringe, Ribbon, Loose Greenery, Floral Orbs and we even had a bike suspended about a head table once!! 

Some key tips to remember if you are wanting to incorporate a Floral or Greenery hanging installation at your wedding.

  • Make sure your venue has the infrastructure in their ceiling that will allow installations to be hung. Some of these designs are HEAVY and need a very stable hanging point.
  • Ask your venue if they have a lift on site or if that would need to rented. That can affect the cost of your installation.
  • Research what your vendors have on hand already. Working with your vendors existing inventory will save you alot of money vs. having to custom order speciality items.
  • Make sure your florist has the ability to install the installation.. Or Hire a company like PHOS to assist (this guy is amazing!!)

There are a few key locations in which a hanging installation will be impactful at your wedding.

  • Over the head table
  • Hung about your dance floor
  • Over your place card table
  • Over your cake table

Here are some of our favorite Hanging Installations for your wedding!





Hannah and Ryan’s Wedding



Alyssa and Luke’s Wedding





















Aspen and Joey’s WeddingHanging+GREENERY+Wedding_0566.jpg




One of the accessories that are on all of my couple’s lists to buy before their wedding is a card box! This is the “vessel” where guests will put their cards at your wedding! it seems like a simple item to buy, but its one of the items I get the most questions about. Does it need to lock? How big does it need to be? Does it have to be a box? All of these are great questions and I have listed some of my favorite options below with the links to buy them as well!


My advice for a wedding card box would be to have something that you can use after the big day. I love these glass terrarium options because they are not only beautiful, but they work great to house your jewelry after the wedding! You should also think about your “theme”. A wine box is a great way to incorporate your theme into your wedding card box as well!

Wedding Card Boxs

  1. Clear Card Box
  2. Glass Wedding Card Gift Box Holder
  3. Geometric Glass Card Box Terrarium
  4. Far Niente Wine Crate
  5. Acrylic Rectangular Serving Tray
  6. Golden Vintage Glass Lidded Box

For More accessories and other wedding day accessories check out:

For Wedding Inspiration photos check out:

Amanda and Patrick’s wedding was beyond words beautiful for a couple that have been together since high school and have so much love for everyone around them! When I first got the call about helping Amanda and Patrick my first thoughts were “I dont know if I can plan a wedding in La Crosse Wisconsin.. I know nothing about that area.” But because it was a referral from a very great vendor friend (Thanks Chrissy!) I thought I at least talk to Amanda and see if I thought I could be of service.

Immediately I fell in love with Amanda and Patrick… Their attention to detail, their openness and their love for their friends and family all hooked me and I knew that I needed to be apart of this wedding!! Most of our planning was done via email and over the phone, but I enjoyed every one of my early morning trips to Wisconsin that turned all of our ideas in our head into reality and with every visit the plans became more and more real and soon enough we were creating this stunning backyard tent wedding.

This wedding was much more to me then a beautiful celebration.. It was a time to test myself. After planning 800 weddings, I feel like I have gotten pretty good at it.. but I sometimes miss the excitement of something new.. or a new way to challenge myself… and I got that by planning this beautiful and logistically complicated wedding while being 3 hours away.

I have been asked about this wedding numerous times by different vendors, my friends and family and the first thing that I tell them about this wedding is that it was all about Trust!! I thank Amanda and Patrick for trusting me not only with their wedding day. I thank all of the amazing vendors that we had on board for trusting me and coming together to create a rock solid team! With that I will be done rambling and let you enjoy these beautiful photos!!


Wedding Planner – Lasting Impressions Weddings

Ceremony Venue – Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe of La Crosse

Catering – Radisson Hotel

Photography Olive Juice Studios

Videography Joe Pollock Films

Calligraphy: Rosann Konieczny

Transportation – Lamers

Cake – D and L Cakery and Desserts: Cocoa and Fig

Photobooth Slow Motion Booth

Vintage Rental Items A’la Crate Vintage Rentals

Rental Items – Apres Party Rental

Floral – Bittersweet Floral

Band – Casablanca Orchestra

Hair and Makeup – Emily J

Dress- L’Atelier Couture Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids Dresses – Bella Bridesmaids

Stationery: Paperista



I met Greta the same way I have met dozens of my brides… when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding that I was hired to be the wedding coordinator. Its one of my favorite ways to meet my brides because by the time we start to plan their wedding day we already have a connection! A few years after that fate meeting, I got a call that Greta and Greg were engaged!

When we first started planning the wedding Greta knew she wanted to include some element of her home into her wedding. We traveled over to Wisconsin to survey her family cabin property and ultimately ended up deciding that a backyard ceremony in her parents backyard. It was a perfect way to tie in Greta’s dream for her wedding and convenience for the wedding guests. After deciding on the ceremony location, we choose Loring Social for the reception. It’s location was perfect for their guests to be able to enjoy all the city had to offer.

The color pallette that was chosen for Greta and Greg’s wedding was the perfect tone’s for a September wedding. The mixes of blush, Burgandy, and mint green was one of my favorite color combinations I have seen!! And the flowers were stunning. Greta’s parents spent most of their summer getting the backyard all prepared for the celebration and it showed! Sadie’s Floral added cut flowers that complimented the already stunning decor!


Wedding Coordinator: Lasting Impressions Weddings

Backyard Ceremony Site- Private Residence

Reception Site – Loring Social

Photography- Lauren Kirkbride

Rental Items: Apres Party Rental 

Band – Blue Water Kings

Hair and Makeup: Emily J

Floral- Sadie’s Couture Flowers and Events

Transportation Renee’s Royal Valet.                                      



The coronavirus situation may have forced us to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean all plans and dreams are crushed for couples looking forward to their wedding. Sure, it may not be the grand celebration of your dreams. The guest list may be small. Your wedding dress may not be the attire you’ve been anticipating.But it’s still possible. Thanks to technology and the internet, engaged couples can now hold a virtual wedding to celebrate their love. It’s still a fresh concept, though, and we’re sure couples, including you, might have a lot of questions about it. That’s why we’re here to help! Here are six simple tips to help you plan the best and most memorable virtual wedding ever.

how to hold virtual wedding

1. Check-in with your local marriage laws.

States in the US, for instance, have different approaches to marriage and our current situations. Some local laws have deemed virtual weddings legal and official. Some may require you to have an officiant for the wedding. Before anything else, visit your local clerk’s office to learn about the marriage rules and whatnots in your area. 

You can still hold a virtual wedding even if your state doesn’t recognize it officially. You can have a grander, official celebration once everything cools down.

2. Consult your vendor(s) for assistance.

Have you already hired vendors for your wedding but got caught in the middle of this virus situation? If yes, then talk with your vendors about a workaround for your virtual wedding.


consult vendors

For instance, if you’re still adamant about having your favorite floral decorations, have a chat with your florist about downsizing your planned number of flower arrangements for the venue. 

Even if you’re recently engaged and haven’t hired a vendor yet, getting at least one for your virtual wedding will do you wonders. You can hire a photographer or videographer so you can document the whole event. You can also use the photos from them to create a wedding photo book that you can keep for yourself or give to friends and family. 

3. Decide where to hold your wedding.

The platform where you’ll be streaming your wedding is important as your actual venue. It should be easy to access for your guests, so when choosing one, consider the technological know-how of your guest list too.

Fortunately, there are plenty of streaming platforms you can choose from, depending on your preference. Here are the most convenient ones:

  • Zoom (free version only allows 100 people to participate for 40 minutes)
  • Google Hangout (up to 25 people can only join in the free version
  • Skype
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • FaceTime (only allows 32 participants; only iPhone users can join)
  • YouTube (you can also preserve the video on the platform for future viewing)

4. Don’t forget the invites.

Once all the behind-the-scenes duties are taken care of, it’s time to let your guests know of your celebration. The good thing about virtual weddings is that everything can be done and set up with your laptop or phone and a steady internet connection. You can easily create an invitation and send it via email, chat, or private message on social media. 

the invites

Whether you or a hired designer is making the invitations, it’s necessary to include what guests can expect during the virtual ceremony. Include the link, time, and date so everyone can join in on the celebration on time. 

Also, make sure to provide details answering these questions:

  • Will the guests need to dress up? What would be the dress code for the event?
  • Will there be a window time for unmuting guests so they can send their well-wishes to you and your partner?
  • Should guests bring some wine to the virtual celebration?
  • Will there be an afterparty? And if so, how can the guests mingle with the others? 

If you’re making the invites yourself, you can browse free templates online for some designing help. Take these invitation samples from Canva as your inspiration. They’re easy to customize too!

5. Ready your gadgets, equipment, and other important stuff for your venue.

The day before your wedding, make sure everything’s ready to go. Check your laptop if it’s running in condition and charge if necessary. Keep the charger close in case it needs additional electrical juice the next day.

Test your webcam or any camera you’ll be using to capture the whole event live. You can arrange the settings according to natural lighting, so you’re all set to point and shoot the next day.

If you’re using a smartphone, set it up on a tripod and place it somewhere where it can capture your marriage in the perfect angle.

6. Decide on your final hair and makeup look.

With restrictions on gatherings and distancing still in place, you can expect little to no available hair and makeup artists in the meantime. In this case, it’s best if you work on your wedding look on your special day.

decide on look

It doesn’t matter if you have little experience with makeup and hairstyling. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube today that can teach you a thing or two about the perfect look. You can search online for the perfect hairstyle according to your face shape and makeup based on your skin or eye color. 

As a general rule, simplicity is queen for a wedding getup. Wear lighter makeup, so you look perfect on screen. You can start with your everyday look and add some touch-ups from there.

You can practice doing your hair and makeup a week or few days before your wedding. Keep polishing your look until you’re confident enough to do it in a small amount of time.

Love will still win, no matter the situation.

No pandemic or any crisis can stop love from prevailing, and you’re no exception to that! A virtual wedding may require a bit more preparation and careful decisions. But when done right, you’ll have quite a tale of love to share with your future family and friends.

When you decide to go for a virtual wedding, never forget to follow safety precautions all the time. Wear your face masks, and keep your distances as much as possible. Love wins when everyone’s safe enough to celebrate it!

**This post is sponsoredby MILK Books