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Why to Hire A Wedding Planner | COVID-19


My life as a wedding planner has always been about juggling. Juggling multiple clients, todo lists, deadlines and appointments and I have always found the controlled chaos of wedding planning an environment that I thrive on. I am organized, detailed and I do my best to be on top of all communication for my clients. After starting Lasting Impressions 13 years ago I could give you hundreds of reasons and examples on why I feel having a wedding planner would save you not only stress but also money while planning your wedding.
Here are just a few….
1. Experience of an expert
2. Planners will fight for your wedding vision and keep everything on track.
3. Planners will save you tons of money by not making costly mistakes
4. Gives Valuable Advice in tricky situations


But as I sit here and write this post we are in unprecedented times. We are currently living in the middle of a “Stay at Home Order” For the Covid-19 Virus and my days are not filled with sending over floral ideas, updated budgets and Beautiful images. My days are filled talking to our couples about the virus, the information we have (and dont have) and just trying to be a shoulder for them to lean on and a friend to call. We are all in this together!!

As a wedding planner I am reconfiguring and rescheduling not only tons of weddings.. but also 3 weeks worth of meetings that have been planned and now need to be re-planned for when the government lifts the restrictions. The reason I bring this up is.. This is my job and This is why I have a job!! I am here to assist couples not only with the little questions about guest count, cake flavor, bridesmaids gifts, but also with the big decisions like postponing their wedding. We are here to spend hours rescheduling, reworking contracts, redoing timelines so that you get to have the wedding you dreamt about.

If there was ever a time to hire a planner, it’s now. “You’re not paying a planner for when things get rosy, you’re paying a planner for when shit hits the fan. It has, and we’re ready and here to advocate for our clients and future couples.”

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