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If the guests are the most important part of a wedding, then the invitations are the most important part of the wedding planning process. So why would you settle for a standardized, impersonal wedding invitation to summon your guests to your special day? Your wedding invitations should coalesce with your theme, entice guest to attend, and continue to be valued keepsakes long after the ceremony.

Custom wedding invitations are the perfect solution. You can customize your invitations to your wedding’s design, giving guests a tantalizing peek into the ceremony’s special style. Additionally, the level of creativity afforded by custom invitations means that the invites will be treasured long after the big day instead of immediately trashed.

Here are a few of the popular trends I see for wedding invitations:
1. Beach wedding invites
2. Classic Great Gatsby themed invites
3. Country Burlap and Lace
4. Using engagement photos
5. Modern programs
6. Sparkle Invites
7. Rustic envelopes

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